Preservation treatments for wood and construction materials

EcoZAP TM creates highly efficient products that protect, preserve and beautify wood, metal and mineral surfaces. As an expert in the wood-destroying control arena, EcoZAP provides a range of solutions to prevent the spread of damage. All the products are designed to deliver brilliant professional results while allowing the natural grain of the surface to show.


About company

Ex Im Ukraine Group is a leading international distribution company operating in EU, Asia, Africa and South America. Founded in 2008 as a wooden pallets manufacturer and wholesaler, the company has expanded the scope of activities to woodworking products, construction chemicals, biofuels (pellet fuels), grocery & beverages items, and related services.

Headquartered in L’viv, Ukraine, just near the border with Poland, Ex Im Ukraine Group enhances position in EU through the office and own warehouse terminal in Poland, which enables a problem-free delivery and shipment.

As an exclusive distributor of EcoZAP TM by “Architecture and construction” PE, we undertake and solve all the arrangements and shipping complexities.

As a reliable partner, we share your vision and service requirements offering to benefit from the Ukrainian markets.


Efficient protection and restoration

Products that fit your needs - return the natural look to wood and prevent further damaging.


Get extra value – our concentrates enable you to deliver and store more, while you spend less. We increase your profitability – you focus on core business.


Harmless chemicals allow you to leave behind your on-site worries about human health and the environment – non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-containing heavy metals.

Tight quality control

We guarantee it works. EcoZAP undergoes a thorough quality control. Each lot is individually verified. Be sure to get a top-grade product.

5 years on the CIS market

Products efficiency and operational transparency enable trusting relationships with our Customers. Which means that EcoZAP treated surface is already around you!

Slight smell

One of distinctive features of EcoZAP is an insensible odor. Extra – you can order fragrance of lemon, pine or sea breeze for free!

Warehouse in EU

Presence of our own warehouse in EU guarantees quick and reliable transportation and delivery throughout the territory of European Union.

Customer care

Contact us right now and get smart solutions customized to your needs. Feel free to contact us! We really care!

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